Waking Up After Father's Day

I wish we knew when we were making these memories, that they were moments we needed to cherish and sear into our minds because all to soon, we would not have the chance to make such memories ever again.

Making It Feel Good: Adventures in Astanga Yoga with David Williams (2)

The greatest yoga is doing that which is appropriate for your body on that day. ~ David Williams

From Dance to Yoga & Beyond: A Conversation with Christina Emmerton

"The most important thing yoga has taught me is to love myself. When you come from a place of love your opportunities are endless."~ Christina Emmerton, Yoga Teacher

Meditation and Yoga (for my Vietnamese Friends and Yogis)

My Meditation and Yoga Love Letter in Barcode magazine for all my beloved Vietnamese Yogis and friends. Blessed to teach all of you! Thank you to Barcode magazine and Editor Nguyen Khanh Uyen for her expertise and giving me this opportunity.

Feeling the Yin and the Yang

"Connect with your essence, which contains the search for growth & expansion and give expression to your inner child that wants to play & sing in the company of yogis." ~Egon Castlunger

Being Meditation

Meditation. Being in the moment. What's the big deal about this "being in the moment" thing?